Tehran (IP) - "The world has decided to prevent Iran’s independence but we have decided to achieve it," IRGC Chief commander said.

Iran PressIran news: Delivering a speech in the unveiling ceremony of homemade 'Noora' coronavirus vaccine on Sunday, Major General Hossein Salami said: "We have been through difficult times, and we still have a lot to do.”

"Those who claim to provide security and freedom and cause the Iranian patients to die due to the lack of medicine and they want only poverty for Iran," he added.

The West does not let Iran supply its medical needs, Salami added.

Iran has been able to create awesome products, in spite of facing sanctions and amid the coronavirus outbreak, while powerful countries had been stealing the equipment, the world thought that Iran would succumb to this crisis, but Islam shined and all the nation worked together and Iran’s medical staff sacrificed their lives.

"Iran had decided to be the best in the world in various fields, and we are pioneers both in nanotechnologies as well as in many other fields of science," the IRGC chief commander pointed.

"Not only in military technology, but also in non-military technologies, namely coronavirus vaccine, Iran is among the most successful ones," he highlighted.

Iran has various coronavirus vaccines with various formulas which are astonishing, Salami concluded.

The Iranian 'Noora' COVID-19 vaccine started its first clinical trial phase on Sunday, June 27, in the presence of IRGC chief-commander and Iran’s health minister.

The 'Noora' COVID-19 vaccine was made of a recombinant protein which has the least side effects.


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