IP - Russia's Permanent Representative to the International Organizations in Vienna says addressing topics such as regional security and Iran's missiles in the JCPOA talks is unrealistic and unproductive.

Iran Press/Europe: In a Monday tweet, Mikhail Ulyanov wrote: " In the context of #ViennaTalks some analysts and officials advocate for addressing new topics such as regional security and missiles. An attempt to hit 3 birds with 1 stone."

"The agreed goal of the talks is just to restore the original #JCPOA," Ulyanov pointed out. 

Still, elsewhere in another tweet, the Russian envoy stressed his country's support for regional security talks in the Persian Gulf: "For the sake of clarity: Russia resolutely supports and advocates for regional security dialogue in the #PersianGulf."

"But this is a different topic which shouldn’t be mixed up with nuclear issues and the talks on #JCPOA. Security in the region must be addressed separately," he added. 

In his other tweet, Mikhail Ulyanov emphasized that nobody could impose their discussions on Iran against its will and wrote: " In any case sunsets aren’t a part of #ViennaTalks on the restoration of the original JCPOA." 

"According to #UNSC resolution 2231 sunset provisions of #JCPOA theoretically can be extended but only upon consensus," he mentioned.