French President Emmanuel Macron has changed his mobile phone and phone number in light of the Pegasus spyware case, a presidency official said on Thursday, in one of the first concrete actions announced in relation to the scandal.

Iran PressEurope: On 22 July, a number of French media reported that due to the impact of the “Pegasus” spyware incident, French President Macron will replace one of his four mobile phones and change the number accordingly. On the 20th, French media reported that a mobile phone of French President Macron was invaded by “Pegasus” spyware. After the incident, the Elysee Palace stated that there is no definite evidence and will investigate this.

The Pegasus spy software was developed by the Zionist company NSO, which is run by graduates of the military intelligence units of the Israeli regime.

This software is used to secretly monitor the cell phones of heads of state, royals, political and business figures, and some journalists. Also, the company has sold the Pegasus spy program to some Arab and non-Arab countries, which is used to track down journalists and hack their cell phones. 219