Tehran (IP) - Iran's President called cyberspace, digital economy and IT the reality of today's world, which can not be distanced from.

Iran PressIran news: Hassan Rouhani on Saturday evening in the last meeting of the Executive Council of Information Technology in the twelfth government said: "With the ratifications of this meeting, one of the foundations for moving towards the development of information technology has been created in the course of IT development."

The President pointed out: "If we consider the main foundations of cyberspace as infrastructure, network and then people's familiarity and cooperation, the fourth pillar is definitely the rules and regulations that put the information technology in the right direction."

The President said that in the Eleventh and Twelfth Governments, more continuous measures have been taken than in the previous administrations in the field of information technology, noting: "Although there was no complete consensus in these fields, but at the same time, we have started a great movement together, and this is the path that all countries and nations have to take."

Noting that cyberspace, digital economy and information revolution in today's world is a reality and cannot be distanced from, Rouhani stated: "If we want to move in this direction quickly, without the use of information technology it will be impossible, and if this technology is left out, it will not be possible to receive and provide services from the government quickly."

The President highlighted: "During the coronavirus outbreak, millions of services were provided to the people through cyberspace in the shortest possible time, and this required the provision of the necessary infrastructure and facilities, which was seriously considered in the Eleventh and Twelfth governments."

President Rouhani said that with the development of information technology, today, more than 98% of the villagers can use the services provided in this space.


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