Iranian Senior MP:

Tehran (IP) - The spokesman for the Iranian parliament's cultural commission said that the aim of organizing social media messengers is not focused on filtering, but the target is organizing and supporting Iranian messengers.

Iran PressIran news: Majid Nasiraei, the spokesman for the Cultural Commission of the Iranian Parliament, about the plan to "protect the rights of users in cyberspace and to organize social media messengers", said: "Despite the importance of cyberspace, governments have so far not paid full attention to it, and whenever it comes to organizing cyberspace, they focus on its marginal issues."

Nasiraei stated: "In this parliament, the mentioned plan about cyberspace has a priority based on reality and necessities, and about 14 organizations have examined it."

He added: "In this plan, an administrative mandate must be created for the law. In 2017, Iran's Supreme Council of Cyberspace approved that anyone wishing to operate in cyberspace must first register, operate under regulations, have an office in Iran, and have an Iranian- origin representative."

He stressed: "This plan has not had an administrative mandate so far, and the parliament has defined administrative mandates for it, from dismissal from service to judicial conviction."

The spokesman of the Cultural Commission of the Iranian Parliament, pointing out that currently 70% of the bandwidth has been given to foreign platforms, said: "If there is support, this plan can be completed."


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