Tehran (IP) - On the occasion of the anniversary of the Subashi air defense epic, Iran's Commander of Army Air Defense Force emphasized that the country can provide a safe sky away from the presence of trans-regional powers.

Iran PressIran news: Brigadier General Alireza Sabahifard wrote in a note: "Iran's military history is mixed with great epics so that whenever equipment, skilled and experienced manpower is used in wars, it has been able to achieve few victories and it was only in the eight-year holy defense that, in addition to equipment, self-esteem, faith, and heart, It had been able to be the source of a miracle in the century."

He added: "In the first weeks of the war, it might have been hard for us to believe the downing of the enemy plane. The MiG and Sukhoi aircraft used by the Ba'athists, radar evasion technologies, and anti-radar missile transport caused us trouble; In the meantime, the downing of the first hostile planes in Dezful, Hamadan, Isfahan refinery, Tabriz, Ilam, etc., caused us to gradually develop the belief that we can defeat the enemy in our own sky.

The Commander of Air Defense of the Iranian Army pointed out: "On the anniversary of the epic of Subashi, we remember the heroism of this site and the self-confidence of the martyred colleagues and living defenders and veterans of this site who had the best and highest quality performance in the field of air defense. By intercepting most of the warplanes and announcing to the sub-sites in the west and northwest of Iran to play a significant role."

The 5th of Mordad is the anniversary of the martyrdom of 19 watchers of the defense station of Subashi air site. Subashi radar was one of the most sensitive radars of the holy defense era. The sensitivity of this radar during the imposed war of the Ba'athist enemy forced them to perform 157 operations to destroy this critical war situation in which the enemy failed to achieve its goal until the end of the holy defense era. 


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