Tehran (IP) - The Head of Iran's Pasteur Institute said that this institute was one of the oldest vaccine production institutes in the country and the Middle East.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at the joint press conference on Tuesday, Head of Iran's Pasteur Institute Alireza Biglari said that one of the important features of the Iran-Cuba vaccine was its infrastructure, which could be used for other vaccines as well. 

He said: “The history of producing the joint Iran-Cuba vaccine goes back to the production of the pneumonia vaccine.”

"The 100-year-old Pasteur Institute of Iran is the oldest vaccine production institute in the country and the Middle East," added Biglari.

Referring to the success of Pasteur Institute in the production of vaccines, Alireza Biglari added that this institute was the first coronavirus diagnosis center during the outbreak.

He noted that the institute, by launching 400 laboratories, was able to produce coronavirus diagnostic kits in the shortest time, and made the country self-sufficient in this field.

The press conference of the Head of Iran's Pasteur Institute Alireza Biglari and the President of the Cuban Finlay Institute of Vaccine Vicente Vérez Bencomo was held on Tuesday in Tehran.


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