Harare (IP) - The speaker of the National Assembly of Zimbabwe called the US a leading country in violation of human rights.

Iran PressAfrica: In a meeting with Abbas Navazani, Iran's Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Jacob Francis Mudenda, Speaker of the National Assembly of Zimbabwe, called the US the leading country in violation of human rights.

Examining various capacities in the political, economic, and technological fields in a meeting, Abbas Navazani and Jacob Francis Mudenda emphasized the role and importance of parliamentary diplomacy and parliamentary friendship groups in deepening bilateral relations.

The two sides also condemned the illegal US sanctions against the two countries, stressing the need to develop cooperation in international fields, counter US unilateralism, and neutralize the US policy of economic terrorism.

The speaker of the Zimbabwean National Assembly labeled the United States as the leading country in the violation of human rights and the rights of black people.

Jacob Francis Mudenda also described the lack of law and the riots and attacks on the US congress as another example of political immaturity in the country.


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