Amol (IP) - Amiri or Shams Abad Waterfall is one of the natural beauties of Iran's northern province of Mazandaran Province located in Larijan district of Amol county. 

Iran PressIran news: Amiri is a waterfall in the heart of the mountain that has given a special freshness to the area.

Amiri Waterfall is flowing along Haraz road in a mountainous area called Amiri. Amiri region consists of several villages named Wana, Shams Abad, Nahr, Dinan, Akha, Terra and Hareh.

Amiri waterfall is located 75 km south of Tehran in the Alborz mountains and on the slopes of the beautiful peak of Damavand. 

Shams Abad Waterfall flows in the southeast of the Amiri region and at about two thousand meters above the sea level.

The source of this waterfall is a few kilometers above it, next to a white willow tree which is called "single jaw."

Abundant water and the shape and image of the mountains around the waterfall have given a beautiful view of this area.

Being here and listening to the sound of water refreshes the soul of every spectator.


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