Tehran (IP) – Iran's Health Minister expressed hope for all teachers to be vaccinated within the next week and reopen schools.

Iran PressIran News: Stressing how cyberspace causes solitude and loneliness and how it has cut off interaction with the world after schools closed following Coronavirus Pandemic, Saeed Namaki stated that in schools, teachers could interact with students face to face and transfer their knowledge and experience to them.

He noted that with schools' lockdown, no investment could be made in the next generation due to having inactive and passive education methods for students compared to learning in the school.

He pointed out that some countries did not deliver the COVID vaccine to Iran; hence, the country has relied on its own internal capacities and capabilities to produce vaccines and declared that it does not need foreign vaccines.

"Schools are a place where students find friends, interact with others, learn and respect the law, respect each other's rights, so they should not be held in solitude," Namaki said.

"Fortunately, today importing COVID vaccine is in a perfect status and the Health Ministry will extend its vaccination as much as possible till the end of Rouhani's administration," he added.

He highlighted that children under 18 would also be vaccinated by the Pasture Institute's vaccine if needed.

"Teachers, public transportation drivers, prisoners, judges, lawyers, people with pre-existing condition diseases, nomads, journalists, and court personnel's vaccination commenced today," the health minister concluded.

So far, 8,848,936 people have received the first dose of the COVID vaccine, 2,558,802 people have received the second dose, and the total number of vaccines injected in Iran reached 11,407,738 doses.


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