Kabul (IP) –A Member of the Wolesi Jirga (Afghan parliament) says the Taliban doesn't believe in peace and its movements and progress in some parts of Afghanistan are suspicious.

Iran PressAsia: In an interview with Iran Press, Aref Rahmani stated that the Taliban's declaration of control of the districts without a fight is a sort of psychological war; in such a condition, the Taliban's movements are suspicious as they entered the districts without fighting and any resistance with Afghan security forces.

Noting that there may be some theory of conspiracy behind the moves of the Taliban, the representative of the people of Ghazni Province in the Wolesi Jirga said: "Some districts may have been handed over to the Taliban in collusion with certain individuals."

He said Afghan security and military forces, with the help of the people, could retake Taliban-held areas if they wished, stating that the Taliban had false pride and thought it could gain 50 percent of power in Afghanistan.

The Afghan Parliament member said the Taliban had not believed in peace since the very first day and used it as a tactic; the Taliban still did not have a strong will to achieve peace in Afghanistan.

Rahmani added that the Afghan government had shown its real will to achieve peace in the country.


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