South Korea (IP) - Iran's Embassy in Seoul reacted to the Korean athlete's insult to the Iranian shooting champion of Tokyo Olympics 2021, Javad Foroughi.

Iran PressIran news: Issuing a statement, Iran's embassy called on athletes from other parts of the world, including South Korea, to refrain from accusing others, and to take steps towards a spirit of sports and friendship between nations. 

In unsportsmanlike remarks, South Korean shooting champion Jin Jong-o insulted Iran's Javad Foroughi and his victory in the Tokyo Olympics 2021 games, accusing him as a terrorist because of his affiliation to Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC). 

The statement says that IRGC has played a very important role in defending Iran and creating peace, stability, and security in the West Asian region, and has sacrificed thousands of martyrs for that.

South Korea is an Asian ally of the US the former Secretary of State of which Hilary Clinton acknowledged in her 2016 presidential election campaign that it was the US that created the Al-Qaeda terrorist group.