Tehran (IP) - The Leader of the Islamic Revolution says the people responded decisively to the enemies' conspiracy of boycotting the elections with their presence at the ballot boxes.

Iran Press/Iran news: The speech of Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, at the ceremony of endorsing the decree of the President-elect Ebrahim Raisi, began on Tuesday morning.

The main points of the speech of the Leader of the Revolution in this ceremony are as follows:

We implore God Almighty to make this a blessed beginning for the people and the country. Especially since we are in the days that belong to the Ahl al-Bayt (as). A few days ago it was Eid Ghadir, Tomorrow is the day of Mubahila, is the day of the revelation of the verse of Velayat.

First of all, we must thank God Almighty for providing this success to the people of Iran, they were able to successfully carry out once again this completely meaningful election movement, which is a sign of religious democracy. I Thank people. I express my gratitude Twelfth Administration, the esteemed President of the Twelfth Administration, and their colleagues, and we ask God Almighty for success, help, and special care for Raisi and the new administration and their colleagues.

Transition of power done calmly and safely in Iran

This ceremony, which is based on the official constitution established by the great Imam, has been repeated many times.

Usually, in many countries, this transfer is done by conflict. This is done calmly and safely here in Iran. This period was the same by the grace of God. It is both a sign of rationality, peace, and public confidence in the country and its officials and people, and a sign of political diversity. Governments that have transferred power have had different political orientations. Naturally, this diversity is a sign of freedom of elections and its health.

These themes should be seen in these events. Thank God, the elections were held in complete health and security. I would like to thank both the organizers of the elections in the various sectors and the security of the elections, which was a very important task and especially the presence of the people.

An electoral boycott plot was planned some time ago in the policy circles of the enemies. Internally, some pursued this policy out of negligence and some perhaps out of intent. People responded decisively and participated. The participation of the people was also good. Given the circumstances, it was a good turnout and showed the presence of people in the scene.

Shift in power, an opportunity for country

One point is that this shift in power is promising. Because new people enter the scene and new wills enter the scene. This gives hope to all those who are motivated to serve, especially the youth.

It gives those who are knowledgeable and thoughtful the opportunity to look carefully at the past and find past mistakes and correct them.

Fortunately, in the remarks of President Raisi in the election campaign, the basic values ​​of the revolution were repeatedly emphasized. Values, justice, fight against corruption and so on. This is the right path. Our strong recommendation is to continue on this path.

The path that leads the country and the nation to its basic rights and puts the country in its basic position is adherence to the basic values ​​of the revolution. These values ​​are not imaginary either. It is quite clear in the statements of the Imam. They have to set and follow these criteria, and the very pursuit of these goals causes people to make an effort and enter the scene, and that is the key. The presence of people in all issues solves problems.

Revolution motivated people to take part in politics

What ensures the presence of the people and encourages the people to be present in the scene is precious and the presence of the people has no other alternative. This is the main art of the revolution. The main art of the revolution was to transform the people from a passive and consummate mass lacking a national and public view into a motivated, interested, idealistic who enter the scene.

We lived before the revolution. The nation was a fragmented complex that everyone cared about himself. There was no national matter or public issue in the country. Someone might have spoken in the corners, but it was not noticed by the people. The great Imam, with his divine movement, turned this dispersed mass into a united whole and entered the scene, and he did this great historical task, which is to eradicate the tyrannical system of the monarchy.

Anything that turns the nation into a united entity is a precious and important thing. Movement-based on values ​​has this property.

Honest conversation with people is also helpful

In the slogans of the President, the issue of being people-oriented and being among people was repeated. Do not miss this. This is a very important thing.

People mean all people without class and group privileges. Of course, being among the people who have a history of doing this should not make people unaware of their connection with the elites. This is necessary and useful in its place. Exchange ideas with elites and use their opinions.

The administration must be the embodiment of harmony. Some of these imaginary differences that exist among the people should be weakened with a conciliatory look and a kind look at the general public. Now, these views may not disappear altogether, but they must be avoided.

An honest conversation with people is also helpful. Talk to people honestly, regardless of political affiliation. Speak honestly, tell solutions, set expectations. This is one of the important things that an Administration of People must do.

Another recommendation is to look at capacities. Deficiencies and problems are constantly mentioned in statements, articles, and remarks today. Yes, there are many problems, but the capacities outweigh the problems.

We have tremendous potential in water, oil, mining

We have tremendous potential in water, oil, mining, the vast domestic market, our neighbors in the amazing talent and readiness of young people. There is no doubt that these capacities can overcome problems as long as they are used. It requires tireless day and night effort.

Another aspect of being people-oriented is the fight against corruption. If we want to be with the people in the true sense of the word, we have to fight corruption and corrupt people, who started the fight against corruption in their previous responsibility, but here is the point. Corruption beds are formed in the executive branch. Corruption must be fought here. Smuggling, misuse of currency, etc., are corruptions that must be faced; With planning and follow-up.

Our experience in these years shows that we start something with enthusiasm and motivation, but in the second step, there is no motivation in the first step. This is of no use. That motivation must continue to work. This is how the fight against corruption is.

In the important issue of the country's economy, we must proceed with the plan. Every move you make is part of a pre-planned plan. Every day and unpredictable tasks cannot be effective. Sometimes, of course, it happens, but in general, every economic move must rely on the overall plan that has been set.

Of course, solving economic problems is time-consuming. Our dear people know this and know that problems cannot be solved overnight and in a short time. This is time-consuming and efforts should be made to shorten this time. With the help of God Almighty and divine guidance, this will be achieved.

There is a necessary recommendation here and that is to act quickly in forming the cabinet, God willing. The situation in the country does not require a delay. The esteemed President should hurry in introducing the ministers and the esteemed parliament in commenting on the ministers, and God willing, the administration will be formed and start working sooner.


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