Tehran (IP) - An Iranian parliament member says that the US is the main cause of the complicated situation in Afghanistan.

Iran PressIran news: In an interview with Iran Press on US airstrikes on Taliban strongholds, Abass Gholroo added: "The US has no clear policy anywhere by following a double standard policy."

"The useless talks between the United States and the Taliban have shown that the United States either does not care about the interests of the Afghans or is unable to meet the demands of the Taliban," he said.

Speaking to IP on the sidelines of Sunday’s public session of the parliament, he said that the US had weakened the Afghan government.

"The US has kept silent when Taliban's advancing on, and the recent US attack on the Taliban stronghold raises the question of what the US is looking for," he noted.

The MP reiterated that the US withdrawal from Afghanistan is a victory for the Afghans, but the US intends and tries to turn back into Afghanistan to challenge neighboring countries.


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