Tehran (IP) - Emphasizing the need to rebuild people's trust, the President said: "Keeping promises can restore trust, and my duty as the president and administration is to keep promises."

Iran PressIran news: Ebrahim Raisi said on Saturday evening after the speeches of the proponents and the opponents about the general points and the line-up of the cabinet introduced to the parliament said: "One of the problems we have besides livelihood and business in the country is damage to the trust of the people and this trust must be restored and rebuilt. The return of this trust depends on the fulfillment of promises."

He added: "Keeping promises can restore trust, and my duty as the president and administration is to keep promises. The MPs in the Islamic Consultative Assembly should also help the administration to succeed and fulfills its promises."

The president said: "This is the manifestation of honesty that people see what is being said will be done, and trust will be restored. During the election period and in the post-election meetings, I said that my will is the fulfillment of promises, and that cannot be proved by a single claim, except that the people see that the administration and the relevant ministers and officials fulfilled their promises.

The president added: "I believe in what I said, and I ask God to help me fulfill my promises. It is not true for anyone to think that this promise was actually for the election period to create excitement because we are in the presence of God Almighty and the martyrs. What we say must be believable and based on action. This is the central point that has been raised and will be raised."

 Grand plan would be presented later

Regarding his plans, he said: "What I presented to the parliament was a multi-page summary plan, and I will present the grand plan later. What was presented to the parliament as the 13th administration program did not include everything in a few pages. A few pages were given that contained the program's approaches, which I read briefly. Therefore, the short-term and immediate plan is 65 pages, prioritizing issues facing the administration, such as corona, capital market, and budget deficit."

What was presented is only short-term and immediate program

Raisi underlined: "In the presence of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, I said that those 65 pages are a short-term and immediate program of the 13th administration with 30 issues of the country, some of which are not related to a specific body, but cross-sectoral that have been addressed. Both the problem and the solutions are identified in it. An official has been missioned for each ministry, and a schedule has been set with this condition.

He said: "Therefore, in detail, the case will be presented to all representatives in the next few days as a transformation plan of the 13th plan, and you will be informed. In one stage, the program has a draft title, and in another stage, the views of representatives, experts, and elites will be finalized.

The President said: "Like what we did as a document of transformation in the judiciary, but the document of transformation in the administration is naturally more detailed with more diverse issues that cover the scope of the administration."

Everyone has responsibility in administration

"The next issue is the responsibility of each member of the administration in general and the economic team in particular. Every person has a responsibility and must be held accountable. If we say economic team and coordination, it does not mean relieving responsibility," Raisi said, noting: "No one is responsible for it. The Minister, the Central Bank, the Planning and Budget Organization, the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, are all responsible. They must be accountable to God, the law, the parliament and the president. But this group needs coordination and cooperation."


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