Proponent MP:

Tehran (IP): The representative of the people of Nowshahr, voicing agreement with the programs of the proposed Minister of Health, has said that by voting for Einollahi, Iran will definitely witness changes in the healthcare system.

Iran PressIran News: The fifth session to review the qualifications of the 13th administration's proposed ministers was on the agenda of the MPs on Monday, and Mohammad-Ali Mohseni-Bandpey, a member of the Health Commission, agreed with the proposed health minister's plans.

As a proponent lawmaker, Mohammad-Ali Mohseni-Bandpey said: "Bahran Einollahi is a great manager and his plans focus on taking care of deprived areas."

"Paying attention to the family doctor is one of Bahram Einollahi's plans. If he pursues the same program, he has served the people, the patients and the health system. If we vote for Einollahi, we will definitely see changes in the health system," the MP added. 

The member of the Parliamentary Health Commission further explained: "Health is one of the most important components in the country, which is not less important than the security issue. In the last half century, nothing like the coronavirus pandemic has been capable of killing 500 people in one day, and no phenomenon has been able to simultaneously affect employment, the economy, people's business, social and administrative activities and even religious rituals."

Mohseni-Bandpey noted: "With these conditions, the helm of the Ministry of Health should be entrusted to a prudent manager. I have known Einollahi since 1374 ( 1997), he is a manager and resourceful, program-oriented, justice-oriented,  morally tied to Islamic ethics and focused on taking care of deprived areas."

He added: "In response to Einollahi's critics, I must say that the most important missing link in the health system is the lack of items such as health referral, family doctor, level of service given, electronic prescription, electronic file.

One of the members of the Iranian Parliament, Reza Arianpour said COVID-19 had caused a recession and decline in economic indicators; hence the country needs a health minister who can manage the pandemic.

Reza Arianpour stated that the proposed health minister could cope with Iran's health challenges.

As another proponent, the representative of Fooman stated that paying attention to the country's self-sufficiency to provide medicine, vaccines, and medical equipment, improving the health care system, as well as the fair distribution of specialized physicians in deprived and less developed areas, are among the proposed health minister's plans.

Talking about the proposed health minister, Khalil Behrouzfar said Bahram Einollahi has a clear, brilliant background with scientific and professional competence in his records.

Opposing the plans of the proposed health minister, the representative of the people of Karaj said: "Someone should stop the drug mafia; Einollahi has only educational records which is not enough."

"The proposed health minister has only the educational background, while we need a young director with a strong background to fight corruption," Mehdi Asgari noted.

The session of Iran's Parliament for the vote of confidence to the proposed ministers of Ebrahim Raisi's cabinet began on Saturday in the presence of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran with a speech by the Speaker of the Parliament, and the procedure is still continuing. 


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