US Department of Defense, Pentagon said the two high-profile targets were killed and another person was injured in a drone strike against the ISIS-K in retaliation for the Kabul airport attack.

Iran PressAmerica: Pentagon officials announced Friday evening that a drone strike killed an ISIS-K target in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.

On Saturday, officials updated that to say that two "high-profile" targets — described as "a planner and a facilitator" — were killed and one other person from the terrorist group was injured in the retaliatory strike.

"This strike was not the last," US President Biden said in a statement Saturday. "We will continue to hunt down any person involved in that heinous attack and make them pay."

Pentagon officials offered more information Saturday about continued operations in Afghanistan, including evacuation efforts and the drone strike. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said the names of the drone strike targets would not be released.

"The fact that two of these individuals are no longer walking on the face of the earth, that's a good thing," Kirby said of the drone strike. "It's a good thing for the people of Afghanistan and it's a good thing for our troops and our forces at that airfield."

US officials have said that threats continue at the Kabul airport following Thursday's bombing, which killed nearly 200 people, including 13 US troops.

Biden said on Saturday that an "attack is highly likely in the next 24-36 hours."