Iran and Turkey reviewed ways of resolving their water disputes along the two countries' shared borders on Wednesday.

Iran PressIran news: The Managing Director of the water department of Iran’s West Azarbaijan Province Yaser Rahbardin met with several Turkish officials to discuss the effects of Turkey’s construction of a border wall on water resources in Iran’s Bazargan City.

The city of Bazargan is a major border passage between Iran and Turkey.

The flow of water in border areas between Iran and Turkey has been blocked due to the construction of Turkey’s border wall which in turn leaves negative effects on natural and traditional water flow and resources from Ararat Mountain to the flats inside the Iranian territories, said Rahbardin.

He added that the Turkish side was requested to make the required alterations at a certain period of time, and the Region’s Water Company, too, was commissioned to monitor the process.

The provincial water official emphasized that receiving the Sarisu River water share of Iran at the Bazargan border crossing between the two countries is necessary under a 1955 Agreement, and it was agreed that the issue will be further surveyed at the expert level meeting of the two countries.

Rahbardin went on to say that Iran called for clearing the path of the Marmishu River that has been blocked due to Turkey’s road construction, and returning the river path to its previous natural path under the protocol, and Turkey was also commissioned to carry away the debris left from road construction from the Marmishu River bed.