Tehran (IP) - The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran in his first live televised interview emphasized that the Islamic Republic of Iran considers the security of its neighbors as its own security.

Iran PressIran news: In this televised interview, Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi referred to the recent developments in Afghanistan and said: "Afghanistan's solution is to establish a government based on people's will."

Iranian President stressed that Iran has always sought peace in Afghanistan, adding that the government based on the people's vote in this country can have a good relationship with Iran.


The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran stated that the people of Afghanistan have suffered a lot over the past years, noting that the issue of Afghanistan has shown that the presence of the Americans is detrimental to security.

Regarding Iran's nuclear talks, Raisi said: "Negotiation and dialogue is a tool of diplomacy and Iran does not shy away from it, but the West and the United States are looking for dialogue with pressure."


The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, emphasizing that putting pressure on Iran has never worked and that the West has experienced this many times.

He stated that dialogue with pressure and threats is not acceptable.

Raisi pointed out that the focus of the Iranian government is to protect the interests of the Iranian people and lifting the inhuman sanctions.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also referring to the stability and economic security of Iran said: "Today, the conditions are ready for foreign investment in Iran."