Tehran (IP)- The Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission member stated that the government might continue the Vienna talks in a few weeks if Western countries reconsider their stance on Iran.

Iran PressIran news: Abolfazl Amouei said that Iran is changing democratically, meaning that the new government is forming its own structural approach and will focus on politics.

The new government that has come to power needs some time to identify both its individuals, related structures, and policies in a principled way, Amouei added.

"The opportunity seems to be short. After that, negotiations are expected to start. On the other hand, this opportunity is also important because the western countries have time to reconsider their main stance on Iran," the MP said.

He went on to say that one of the issues in the Vienna talks, of which six rounds have been held, was that the West and the United States were unwilling to lift the sanctions, and as a result, the talks failed.

"The opportunity is also vital for the American side to reconsider its stance on the Islamic Republic of Iran to lift the sanctions. If the sanctions are not lifted, the negotiations are not expected to conclude," Amouei stressed.

"In the coming weeks, there is an opportunity for all Western parties to reconsider their positions on lifting sanctions and accepting Iran's rights. After that, if negotiations resume, the parties will surely reach the desired result," the Iranian parliamentarian concluded.


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