Tehran (IP): In today's wars, air defense systems play a vital role in countering air threats, and Iran's Air defense systems, namely "Ya Zahra" and "Herz-9" are effective against low altitude threats.

Iran PressIran news: The increasing number of air threats at different levels and the need to protect sensitive and vital facilities and centers, has led to the design and construction of various air defense systems to respond to air threats. 

The development of drones, especially suicide drones and low-altitude cruise missiles, has made air threats at low altitudes important. Naturally, the need for low-altitude defense systems to deal with them is more evident, and Iran has taken great steps in this regard. 

After the imposed war, Iran purchased the Chinese FM-80 defense system. In the following years, Iranian specialists succeeded in reverse engineering and upgrading this system in the country, and the defense system "Ya Zahra" is the product of this project.



This defense system with the ability to identify, track and destroy air targets such as enemy aircraft, helicopters, and short-range drones is one of the most successful systems in its class. "Ya Zahra" can be deployed in any situation. This system is capable of engaging multiple targets and destroying them simultaneously, deploying in different weather conditions; high-speed operation and fully automatic tracking are other features of this defense system. It also has the ability to identify targets ACTIVE and PASSIVE.

The system uses Sky guard single-pulse radar to detect the target, which has a range of about 20 km and simultaneously detects 30 targets and tracks 12 targets as well. The specifications of the missile of this system called Shahab-e-Saqeb are as follows: Length: 2.93 meters. Mass: 85 kg. Speed: 750 meters per second. Range: 8,600 meters against targets at a speed of 400 meters per second or 10 kilometers against targets at a speed of 300 meters per second and 11 kilometers against helicopters. Maximum speed: 440 meters per second.

Herz-9 defense system


The newest version of the "Ya Zahra" system called "Ya Zahra-3" or "Herz-9" has unique capabilities and is more advanced than the original version. The system is a mobile defense system that moves on a truck.

Of course, in this system, the number of missiles has been reduced from four in the system "Ya Zahra" to two. The missiles used in this system are the same as the Shahab-e-Saqeb missile.

Unlike the system Ya Zahra, the Herz-9 system is a passive system. The passivity of a defense system has many advantages, one of the most important of which is that the enemy cannot recognize it before the missile is fired.

The Herz-9 system is also completely resistant to electronic warfare and the enemy cannot disrupt it. This tactical feature increases the probability of the missile hitting the specified targets. The next important point about the Herz-9 system is the existence of a wide range of electro-optical sensors that help the system to function well in all weather conditions and electronic warfare.

In this system, in addition to video and thermal tracking sensors, a laser distance detector is also used, which makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the system in various weather conditions.


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Air defense systems Ya Zahra, Herz-9
Air defense systems Ya Zahra, Herz-9
Air defense systems Ya Zahra, Herz-9
Air defense systems Ya Zahra, Herz-9
Air defense systems Ya Zahra, Herz-9
Air defense systems Ya Zahra, Herz-9