Tehran (IP) - The main researcher of the Iranian-Australian SpikoGen vaccine study said that the results of the second phase of the human trial of SpikoGen have shown that the vaccine provides more than 80% immunity.

Iran PressIran news: According to Iran press on Monday, Payam Tabarsi, the researcher of the study plan for SpikoGen vaccine, stated that this vaccine also has 87% of the neutralizing power of coronavirus, adding: "The third phase of the human trial of this vaccine has been completed and the results of this phase are under review."

"The researchers predict that the vaccine will also be effective against the delta mutant virus," said the infectious disease specialist.

Tabarsi announced the production capacity of this vaccine as 3 million doses per month and added: "The injection of the second dose, the third phase of the human test for SpikoGen vaccine has been completed, and it is expected that the final results of this phase will be submitted to the Ministry of Health."

SpikoGen vaccine, co-produced by Iran and Australia, has the technology to make recombinant proteins.


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