Lebanon's new government won a vote of confidence on Monday for a policy program that aims to remedy a devastating economic crisis, despite the parliamentary session being delayed when the lights went off due to power shortages.

Iran PressMiddle East: Lebanese parliamentarians gathered on Monday and confirmed Prime Minister Najib Mikati's new Cabinet after an eight-hour session that was slightly delayed due to a power outage.

The financial crisis left its mark on the parliamentary session, delaying it by an hour due to a power outage, a frequent theme across a country suffering from acute fuel shortages.

Lebanon's new cabinet has been formed as the Lebanese people face a deteriorating economic situation, including severe fuel shortages, as a result of US sanctions since a year and a half ago.

In recent days, Lebanese Hezbollah has been buying fuel from Iran to help ease the pressure on the Lebanese people. Fuel tankers have been sent to various parts of Lebanon since Thursday. 219

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