A new convoy of tank trailers carrying Iran's diesel crossed the Syrian border into Lebanon, the Al-Mayadin network reported Tuesday night.

Iran Press/Middle East: Al-Mayadin did not mention the details, the number of tank trailers, and the exact location of the convoy.

Five days ago, another convoy, including 104 tank trailers of Iran's fuel, entered Lebanon from Syria.

Lebanese Hezbollah Secretary General Seyed Hassan Nasrallah issued a statement four nights ago urging the Lebanese people not to hold any public gatherings as the convoy of fuel tankers passes through the Baalbek area.

Earlier Monday, Nasrallah announced that the first tanker carrying petroleum products would arrive in the Syrian port of Banias on Sunday night and that the process of unloading its cargo would be completed.

He also announced that the fourth tanker carrying Iran's oil product will arrive in Banias in the next few days.