Tehran(IP): The Head of the military office to the leader of the Islamic Revolution and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces stressed the need to enhance combat capability to counter regional and global threats.

Iran PressIran news: Brigadier-General Mohammad Shirazi said at the ceremony honoring the former and new commanders of the Army Air Force, which was held on Wednesday morning at the Shahid Khazraei Air Training Center: "Upgrading combat capability in response to any level of air threat requires new equipment and other intelligent activities that must be provided."

Brigadier-General Shirazi described effective and synergistic interaction as one of the components of the capability of the Iranian Armed Forces and said: "This should be done within the army between the forces and at the level of the army and the IRGC;" As has been done before and we have witnessed valuable interactions in the Navy, Army, and Islamic Revolution Guards Corps; This is also an issue between the armed forces and parts of the country, and it can bring us many blessings."


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