Tehran(IP): The head of the Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants Affairs said that the Danish ambassador was summoned to the Foreign Ministry last week and met with the Consular Director of the Ministry.

Iran Press/Iran news: Regarding the images in the media about the separation of a young child of an Iranian citizen from his mother in Denmark, Masih Panahandeh said: "According to the inherent duty of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is responsible for protecting the rights of Iranian citizens. The woman's husband is Afghan and he introduced himself as an Afghan upon arrival in Denmark."

Masih Panahandeh added: "According to identity documents, the mother of this child is Iranian, and according to the new laws of our country regarding the identity of children born to Iranian women married to foreign nationals, her child is also considered Iranian."

"In Denmark, the municipality is responsible for reviewing the parents' competence to take care of the children, but this review may take years," said the official, referring to the time-consuming process of reviewing the child's parents.

Panahandeh also elaborated on the latest situation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' pursuit of this issue, saying: "The Danish ambassador was invited to Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs last week and met with the Consular Director General of this ministry."

He added: "We asked the Danish government if the parents of this child are considered incompetent, they should hand over this child to our embassy in Denmark, to refer him to the State Welfare Organization of Iran."

The Danish government has also stated that it is positively looking into the matter," the official concluded.


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