Tehran (IP) – Iran's Judiciary spokesman has stated that Iran does its utmost to release all Iranian prisoners in any country around the world, including the US, Europe, and in particular neighboring countries.

Iran PressIran news: In response to Iran Press on measures taken to release Iranian prisoners aboard, especially in the US who are unjustly imprisoned, Zabihullah Khodaeian stated that one of the Judiciary's policies was to release Iranian prisoners aboard as soon as possible.

In his press conference on Wednesday, Khodaeian noted that with the collaboration of the deputy chief of the Judiciary for international affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, significant measures were taken to release Iranian prisoners soon.

"We provide assistance to those who face problems and try to free those Iranians who are imprisoned aboard," he added.

Khodaeian highlighted that 110 Iranian prisoners had been transferred to Iran in the last six months, and in return, six foreign prisoners were returned to their countries.

"Last year, 256 Iranian prisoners aboard were released and returned as 600 foreign prisoners were released and returned to their countries," he said.

Commemorating the Sacred Defense Week, Khodaeian highlighted that Sacred Defense has made Iranians confident and self-esteemed to progress in military, missile, nano, and nuclear industries.

"Many men and women defended Iran's dignity and safeguarded the Islamic Revolution by sacrificing their lives," said the spokesman.


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