After the arrival of four convoys carrying Iranian fuel to Lebanon, Lebanese media reported that the fifth convoy carrying Iranian fuel also entered Lebanon.

Iran PressMiddle East: Al-Mayadin reported that a convoy of Iranian fuel tankers, provided by Hezbollah to help alleviate Lebanon's fuel shortage, arrived in Lebanon.

Following that, Lebanese sources reported on Thursday (September 16th) that the first convoy of Iranian fuel oil tankers had entered Lebanon via the Hermel-Al-Qusair land border.

Due to US sanctions, Lebanon has been facing a deteriorating economic situation, including fuel shortages, for a year and a half. Some Lebanese businessmen have bought fuel from Iran through Hezbollah to contain the crisis and prevent the collapse of the country's institutions.

In his latest speech, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah said that the ship carrying Iranian diesel will also enter the Syrian port of Banias in the next few days: "Administrative arrangements have also been made to send a third ship carrying fuel from Iran, the fourth ship will also carry diesel and will be sent later." He added the new government will decide on the next ships. 219