Tehran (IP) - Iran's Chief of the Supreme Court stated: "What the world needs is justice and peace because operation, crime, massacre, violation of the rights of countries, and assassination of freedom seekers figures of the world by hegemonic powers have been committed, but yet no effective measures have been taken to prevent them."

Iran PressIran news: Highlighting the continuity and intensification of cruel sanctions against Iran at the 16th summit of SCO's Cheifs of Supreme Courts, Seyyed Ahmad Mortazavi-Moghadam stressed how during the coronavirus outbreak the severe sanctions were imposed against Iran by bullying powers to prevent it from preparing medicines and vaccines, saying: "I really appreciate the Islamic republic of Iran's authorities for their relentless measures to nationwide vaccination also grateful for China and Russia to help Iran in this regard."

While sympathizing with suffering neighboring countries people especially Afghanistan, who have been deprived of their legitimate rights for many years by foreigners interference (US), Iran's Chief of the Supreme Court, Seyyed Ahmad Mortazavi-Moghadam clarified: "I ask SCO members to help to relieve the pain of the Afghans and prevent any humanitarian catastrophe in the country, emphasizing that the long-lasting security maintenance is only possible with the help of the Afghan people and government."

Specifying Iran's geographical status, Seyyed Ahmad Mortazavi-Moghadam added: "Iran connects Asian countries from north to south and east to west and has promising capacity for maintaining security and cultural and economic exchanges as having the SCO countries."

Iran's Chief of the Supreme Court, Seyyed Ahmad Mortazavi-Moghadam said: "As Iran's Chief of the Supreme Court recommends to form an organization for multilateral cooperation in economic, cultural, and security dimensions, promote cooperation level by effective mechanisms and negotiations, exchanging legal information and experiences via holding more meetings."


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