Syria's foreign minister said Monday night that illegal foreign troops, including Turkish, and US troops, must leave the country.

Iran PressAmerica: Faysal Mikdad stressed Syria’s stance that any foreign presence on its territory without its approval is illegitimate in violation of the international law and UN Charter, in addition to all Security Council relevant resolutions which underline a strong commitment to Syria’s sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.

He affirmed that Syria’s war against terrorism will continue until purifying all its territory from it, adding that any attacks or foreign pressure won’t affect its efforts to eliminate terrorism.

He went on to say that it is obvious to all that Syria was one of the most countries been affected by terrorist acts and crimes that have been carried out by the financial, military, and media support of known states.

“That terrorism which killed innocents, forced safe residents to flee, destroyed infrastructure and looted the country’s capabilities where rates of development reached to more than 9.5 % in 2010,” Minister Mikdad added.

He stressed that Syria will go ahead in its war against terrorism until purifying all its territory from it and establish the State’s control all over the country, and this is a non-negotiable national and constitutional right.

He clarified that “Israel,” since 1967 has occupied a precious part of Syria, the Golan, thus, Syria reaffirms its commitment to the right to restore all occupied Syrian Golan into the line of June 4th, 1967.

“Syria has seriously dealt with meetings held in Astana formula, hoping that this thing would positively give fruits against terrorism and restore stability and security in Syria, but the Turkish regime still gives evidence that it is not committed to Astana outcomes or Sochi understandings about Idleb,” Mikdad said.