Tehran(IP): Members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran issued a statement supporting the 'Fatehan Kheibar' (Conquerors of Kheibar) drill on the country's northwestern borders.

Iran PressIran news: The members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran stated in a statement: "Any geopolitical changes in the region as well as the changes in the borders of neighboring countries is the red line of the Islamic Republic of Iran and we will not desist from any foreign action in this regard."

The statement added: "The exercise of the Khyber conquerors on the Aras border wall is a message of peace and authority to the countries of the region and a warning to the Zionist regime. Our relations with the people and neighboring countries, including the Muslim people and the brotherly country of the Republic of Azerbaijan, are long-standing and stable, and the divisiveness of the enemies, especially the indoctrinations of the fake Israeli regime, will never break this unity and equality. "

The statement noted:" At the same time, the Iranian people will not desist from countering the aggression which would threaten security of the region and the interests of the country. Islamic Iran has repeatedly proved its brotherhood and good neighborliness with neighboring countries, including the Republic of Azerbaijan."

The members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran noted: "The divisive and seditionist statements of some people are against good neighborliness and it is expected that the Azerbaijani government will oppose any sedition by foreigners and confront the divisive actions."

Entitled as 'Fatehan of Kheibar' (Conquerors of Kheibar), military drills of Iran's Army Ground Forces started in northwestern Iran on Friday Morning.

These drills are being held in line with detailed planning and based on a scheduled program aimed at testing weapons, military equipment and assessing the Armed Forces' combat readiness in the bordering areas of the country. 

"The overt and covert presence of the Zionist regime's elements and the possibility of a significant number of ISIS terrorists in the countries of the region adds to the importance of this exercise," the Commander of Iranian Army Ground Forces Brigadier-General Kiumars Heidari said at the opening of the Conquerors of Kheibar military drills.


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