Tehran (IP) - With the approval of the members of the National Scientific Committee against Corona, several anti-corona drugs were removed from the treatment regime of corona patients in Iran.

Iran PressIran News: The secretary of the committee, Hamidreza Jama'ati, told Iran Press in an interview on Sunday that Hydroxychloroquine, Corticosteroid, Interferon were omitted from the treatment regime of the corona patients. 

Jama'ati stressed that the medical centers should not use the omitted drugs in the early stages of coronavirus infection.

"Despite the recent approval, in some medical centers, these drugs may be used for the corona-infected patients, which will lead to secondary infections in the very patients," he pointed out.

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The health official also pointed to Remdesivir as a drug that, due to its anti-viral property, acted effectively in the first week of the COVID-19 but was of no effect in the severe stages of the disease and must not be used. 

The National Scientific Committee against Corona is composed of 50 experts in coronavirus, which holds meetings every week, one of which was held at the Heart Hotel in Tehran.

Treatments, prevention ways, and mental health during the corona disease period, and the diagnostic methods are the issues discussed in the meetings, based on the most updated world studies.

In case of approval, the adoptions in the meeting will be communicated to the country's National Task Force for Combating Coronavirus. 


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