Facebook has removed a set of accounts that the company claimed were linked to Iran's government.

Iran PressAmerica: The social media giant removed 93 Facebook accounts and 194 accounts from its photo-sharing app Instagram for what it called violating its policy against coordinated inauthentic behavior, Bloomberg reported.  

According to the company's report on Monday, the influence network posted primarily in Farsi about local news and current events in the Lorestan province of western Iran. Some accounts sought to encourage voter turnout in the 2020 Iranian elections while criticizing the Kurdish nationalist movement, the US, and Saudi Arabia. 

The recent report is part of a campaign by social networks, including Facebook, to release unproven information about Iran. Twitter and Google have previously made similar allegations against Iran or taken action against Iranian media and individuals. 

Facebook had previously blocked the page of the "Press TV" news network in April, claiming that the English-language news network did not follow the rules.

The American magazine "Intercept" wrote in a report that Facebook is acting on the orders of the US government and Israeli officials to delete the pages and content of some activists. 


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