Lost Paradise or Tang-e Bostanak is located near the Dena Mountain range, 120 km northwest of Shiraz, the capital city of Iran's Fars province and covers an area of ​​20,000 hectares.

Iran PressIran news: There is a fertile land with patches of fields and mountains 5km from Kamfiruz, a district in Marvdasht County in Iran's southern province of Fars. Tang-e Bostanak valley extends from east to west, occupied by enormous rocks on either side.

The beautiful mountain area of Tang-e Bostanak with many waterfalls and rivers, stunning mountainous landscapes, and green plains, is one of the most beautiful sights of Fars province, which is known as the lost paradise.

Tang-e Bostanak is one of the most beautiful natural beauties of Iran that lies calmly about 100km away from Shiraz, in Kamfiruz District.

Located on the highlands of Zagros Mountains range, Behesht-e Gom-shodeh (Lost Paradise) looks like a heavenly promised land belonging to God.

The combination of authentic nature and a small impressive waterfall at the heart of it is a real detachment from urban life and its horrible depression and anxiety.

The region is one of the tourist attractions in Fars province and is always considered by tourists as a hub for traveling.

Agriculture and horticulture are very prosperous in the area and trees and shrubs such as almonds, pistachios, barberries, and oak grow there.

Artemisia and licorice are herbs of the forests of Behesht-e Gom-shodeh.


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