The US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont described the political system in that country as corrupt and dominated by big money.

Iran PressAmerica: Chair of the Senate Budget Committee, Bernie Sanders wrote on Twitter on Saturday criticizing the US political-military, stating: "As part of a corrupt, big-money-dominated political system, the Big Pharma mafia spends hundreds of millions of dollars on lobbying, advertising campaigns, and television commercials because they want Americans to continue paying, by far, the highest prices in the world for medicine.

Sanders recently criticized inequality in the United States on Twitter, calling the US economy in favor of billionaires.

The independent US senator has previously criticized the rise in poverty and unemployment in the country, acknowledging that 22 million Americans do not have enough food to eat.

He severely lambasted the situation in the US, saying: "The corporate media and corporate-funded politicians do not talk about it often, but we now face grotesque income and wealth inequality. No. It is not acceptable for two billionaires to own more wealth than the bottom 40%, or the top 1% to own more than the bottom 92%."

According to official statistics, 140 million Americans are considered as low-income, and 92 million people in the country are unable to pay for medical care.

Sanders' sharp criticism of the abnormal state of poverty and hunger, as well as the growing class division in the United States, in fact, reflects the reality of the situation in a country that claims to be the world leader. 

In truth, the catastrophic situation of tens of millions of Americans in terms of poverty, homelessness, and hunger, as well as the inability to pay for medical care, is a sign of fundamental disarray in a country that claims to be the most advanced capitalist country in the world. 219