Tehran (IP) - The 15th anniversary of the opening of MTN Irancell mobile network operator in Iran was held on Wednesday in Tehran.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking at the ceremony, the CEO of Irancell said the operator prepared the grounds for the emergence and presence of new technologies in Iran.

Bijan Abbasi Arand reported that the Irancell operator's service covered 91% of the country's population in terms of population.

Regarding the government's policies in recent years in the field of rural communication development and justice, the CEO of Irancell said: "About 4 million of the country's rural population are covered by the broadband network".

Irancell had 42 million subscribers across the country, and the government's support was needed to develop Irancell's technology centers. 

Abbasi Arand also referred to the challenges Irancell faced, like sanctions and currency rate spike, and expressed hope that more efforts would overcome the difficulties.

Irancell is an Iranian telecommunications company that operates Iran's largest 2G-3G-4G-4.5G-5G mobile network and fixed wireless TD-LTE internet services. 

It is the first provider of 5G internet in Iran. As of 2013, Irancell holds a revenue of 4.9 billion dollars. It is the 32nd most prominent company in Iran. 

Currently, MTN Group holds a 49% percent stake in the Irancell consortium, while Kowsar Sign Paniz (KSP) owns the other 51% shares. 


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