Tehran (IP) - The interior ministers of Iran and Turkey stressed the need to expand cooperation between the two countries and the fight against terrorism and trafficking.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking at a press conference after meeting Turkish counterpart Süleyman Soylu on Wednesday, Iran's Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi said: "In the meeting with the Turkish Interior Minister, we discussed the development of relations between the two countries. There are many common issues for cooperation, such as cross-border exchanges, the fight against terrorism, trafficking and immigration, which we discussed."

"Together, Iran and Turkey will stabilize the region and thwart the enemies' conspiracies.  The two countries will not allow others to disrupt relations between the two countries," Vahidi stressed. 

During the meeting, the two sides signed an MoU on security and law enforcement cooperation.

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Turkish Interior Minister, for his part, said the two sides have agreed to form joint working groups on the security of borders, combating arms trafficking.

"The two countries must address the issue of combating terrorism and drug trafficking. Both countries have a lot of cooperation in this area," Soylu added. 

The Turkish Interior Minister, who headed a high-level delegation to the Islamic Republic of Iran, met his Iranian counterpart in Tehran. 

The Commander of the Turkish Gendarmerie, the Chief of the Turkish Police, and the Deputy Interior Minister for Security and Disciplinary Affairs accompany Soylu on his visit to Tehran.


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