Tehran (IP) - Iranian Minister of Sports and Youth announced the formation of the Supreme Council for Sports to promote the sports programs of Iran's schools and universities.

Iran PressIran News: Hamid Sajjadi, in response to a question raised by Iran Press correspondent about the future plans of Iran's Ministry of Sports and Youth to improve the situation of sports and health in schools and universities, said that the president will form the Supreme Council For Sport in which the Ministries of Science, Education and  Sports and Youth are going to cooperate and consult about the major sports decisions across the country.

The Minister of Sports also told reporters that on the occasion of Physical Education Week, one of the programs is to hold physical education week celebrations and sports programs at Azadi Stadium and to hold a cultural and sports festival and show some sports abilities with the presence of various sports associations and disciplines including beautiful ancient Wushu performances, local indigenous games, and skating performances by children.

Sajjadi said that on Sunday, coinciding with the birthday anniversary of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the heroic armband will be placed on the arm of the hero of the country by President Ibrahim Raisi in the 12,000-seat Azadi Stadium.

The first Health Cultural and Sports Festival was held simultaneously with the Unity Week and Physical Education Week at the Azadi Sports Complex in the presence of Hamid Sajjadi, Minister of Sports.


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