Russian President stressed that Hezbollah is a significant political force in Lebanon.

Iran PressEurope: Vladimir Putin was addressing the plenary session of the Valdai Discussion Club on Thursday in Sochi.

Commenting on the current tension in Lebanon, Putin added: "With regard to Hezbollah, Iran and the situation in Lebanon, there are different positions in different countries about Hezbollah. It represents a great political force in Lebanon, but we undoubtedly always call, including in Lebanon, to resolve all disputes through dialogue."

"Concerning the disaster in the Beirut Port explosion, I would like to express once again my condolences to the Lebanese people, as there were a large number of deaths and enormous damage. The media, including that several years ago a shipment of ammonium nitrate was transported to the port and unfortunately the local authorities did not deal with this due to the desire, I understand, to sell the shipment at a profit… This is what resulted from the disaster above all in my opinion," he said.

"As for assistance in the investigation, I frankly do not understand how any satellite images can help, if they exist for us at all, but I promise to study the matter, and if we can help conduct the investigation, of course, we will," Putin added.