Ardabil (IP) - Iran's President called for speeding up the completion of the half-finished projects in Ardabil province.

Iran PressIran news: President Ebrahim Raisi arrived in Ardabil province to mark the eighth provincial trip of the 13th government.

Raisi is accompanied by his Chief of Staff and the ministers of energy, agricultural jihad, economic affairs and finance, cultural heritage, tourism, and handicrafts.

Developing the agricultural capacity of Ardabil province

The President announced the government's short-term and medium-term plans to activate agricultural capacity and develop conversion industries and the prosperity of the tourism industry in Ardabil province.

Speaking on Friday morning at Parsabad Airport, Ebrahim Raisi talked about the objectives of the provincial trip to Ardabil, saying: "Ardabil province is an agricultural hub and has suitable capacities such as abundant water and fertile soil for agriculture and we are determined to activate these capacities."

He said: "Creating conversion industries and completing the value-added cycle are among the government's plans for the development and prosperity of this province."

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President visits Moghan Agro-Industrial Complex

The President visited the Moghan Agro-Industrial Complex and stressed the government's support for developing this large agricultural complex.

During the visit, referring to the vast agricultural and employment-generating capacities of the Moghan Agro-Industrial Complex, the President said: "The government is committed to supporting the prosperity of activities and increasing employment in this complex as much as possible."

Accelerating completion of the 2nd lane of Parsabad-Ardabil road

The President called for speeding up the construction of the half-finished project of the second lane of the Parsabad-Ardabil road to address the people's concerns about road accidents and casualties and stressed the need to complete this road in the shortest time possible time and with appropriate quality.

Khoda Afarin Irrigation and Drainage Network project

In the visit that took place on Friday during the provincial trip of the President to Ardabil province, Ebrahim Raisi referred to the report on the delay in the completion of the project and emphasized: "It is necessary for the relevant authorities to do their best so that farmers and gardeners can use this project as soon as possible. "Khoda Afarin Irrigation and Drainage Network project has 79% physical progress, and according to the report, it has been abandoned for about two years, and this has caused the deterioration of some of its facilities.

Public appearance

The President met with the nomads and farmers of Fathali village in a cordial atmosphere. Nomads and farmers expressed their happiness over the President's presence in the area and shared their local and personal problems and concerns with him.

After hearing the concerns and demands of the people of Fathali village, Raisi instructed the governor-general and the minister of agricultural jihad to follow up and solve their problems.


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