Tehran (IP) – Famous Austrian Filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky says he makes films to clear the audience's mind off their worries.

Iran PressIran News: Tscherkassky made the remarks in the specialized virtual meeting "38-20" at the 38th Tehran International Short Film Festival currently underway in Tehran.

"The engaging atmosphere that I try to incorporate into my films is that I think this is a more inclusive and broader cinematic collection than a film that only cinematic analogs can create such energy," he said.

Commenting on his latest film, he stated: "I started making films and my interest in filmmaking dates back to my childhood, and it was at the age of 17 that I decided to make my first film, after which it took me four years to buy a camera."

"I used to live in Berlin for five years and got acquainted with the history of avant-garde cinema, and then I decided to go to another medium. Continuing my activity, I went to Fan Footage. A footage fan is an old series of footage that I make and decide how to use. When I decide to work with some of these images, I look at the images; I remember these footnotes and later they work as my vocabulary and I can use some of these forms," he added.

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The filmmaker continued: "I try to write the story of each of the frames and decide which form I can use to write the story. In fact, the common denominator of all my films is that they all disappear with the disappearance of the camera and analog cinema and its replacement with digital cameras and cinema, and the reason I work with forms by hand is because the digital medium of filmmaking is able to produce them."

Noting that he has never had any problem with copyright, he said: "For many years, fan footage has been bought and sold at a small price, and many changes have been made so that there is no copyright issue in this area."

The Austrian filmmaker continued: "I see my work as a highly self-referential one in cinema, and I believe that my films are more entertaining to clear the mind of the audience of their worries."

"The engaging atmosphere that I try to incorporate into my films. I think this is an all-encompassing and wider range of cinema than a film that only cinematic analogs can create such energy. In general, I consider myself one of the narrative filmmakers. I consider my films to contain short stories that reach their peak," he added.

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He said: "One of the important experiences of cinema is the materiality of cinema, and I mean this materiality is to place a film strip in front of the light and screen so that people can see that image."

"When we see a movie theater where a group of people agree on one thing and are in a certain place and everyone sits in the same direction and watches a movie, this series creates a unique experience and for those who look at the screens, it makes them think differently about the creatures, and I have always tried to engage the audience in my films," he explained.

Directed by Sadeq Mousavi, the 38th Tehran International Short Film Festival opened in Iran Mall Cinema Complex on Oct 19 and will be wrapped up on Oct 24. This edition of the TISFF has been approved by the Academy Awards, popularly known as the OSCARS®, and became the only OSCARS® qualifying festival in Iran is attended by 63 works from 19 countries and 125 directors.


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