Tehran (IP) – Pakistan’s foreign minister says Afghans have been in trouble enough and that they deserve to enjoy peace.

Iran PressIran News: Shah Mahmood Qureshi stated: “Today I came to Tehran to participate in the second meeting of the Afghanistan’s neighbors. I am pleased that the Russian foreign minister is attending the meeting virtually since Russia also has regional interests in peace and stability in Afghanistan.”

“I discussed my assessment of the situation in Afghanistan with the Iranian foreign minister and provided information on interactions with the Taliban,” he said.

“Our positions on Afghanistan are in line with peace, stability, and prosperity, and we recognize that we have an important role to play, and history will judge us,” he added.

“Afghanistan is in a difficult and sensitive situation. If we take the right steps, we can stabilize the country,” he noted.

“We are aware of the existing concerns and proposed to create a platform for Iran’s neighbors; it remains to be seen what will happen in the future and who will help,” the Pakistani foreign minister said.

“Security and politics have been established; the meeting of the President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi with the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in Dushanbe was constructive, and we will continue this communication since we understand the importance of the relations between the two countries,” he pointed out.

“We talked about the situation in the region and other regional interactions. We are looking forward to tomorrow’s meeting and tomorrow’s talks will put a written program in front of us so that we can bring prosperity and security to the region,” Qureshi concluded.

Pakistani Foreign Minister, who is in Tehran to attend a meeting of foreign ministers of Afghanistan's neighbors at the head of a diplomatic mission, was officially welcomed by the Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian on Tuesday.
Shah Mahmoud Qureshi will attend a one-day meeting of foreign ministers of Afghanistan's neighbors tomorrow (Wednesday).
The meeting will be attended by the foreign ministers of Afghanistan's six neighbors plus Russia.


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