At a meeting with Turkmenistan Foreign Minister, the Iranian President reiterated the existing will to expand relations with Turkmenistan in bilateral, regional and international arenas.

Iran PressIran News: The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Seyed Ibrahim Raisi, expressed his gratitude to Turkmenistan for supporting Iran's permanent membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), stating: "The relations between Iran and Turkmenistan, beyond the political and economic relations, stem from the deep and strong cultural and religious ties between the two nations, and the level of these relations should increase day by day."

Stressing dissatisfaction with the current level of cooperation between Ashgabat and Tehran, the Iranian President said further expansion of mutual cooperation in various fields particularly transit and energy sectors will benefit the whole region.

Commenting on the situation in Afghanistan, he highlighted the need for the establishment of peace and security there which would lead to the formation of an inclusive government there that must represent all ethnic and political groups.

The Turkmen Foreign Minister, too, expressed his country's interest in strengthening and deepening comprehensive Tehran-Ashgabat relations and stressed that Turkmenistan regarded Iran as a brother and friendly country and thus sought to increase the level of relations and cooperation with Iran in various fields including oil, gas, transportation and trade.

Raşit Meredow also noted the importance of expanding regional cooperation between the two countries, stating that Turkmenistan supports the Islamic Republic of Iran's initiative on Afghanistan and is ready to have close relations and cooperation with Tehran at all regional levels.

The Turkmen diplomatic delegation will attend the 16th annual Joint Economic and Cultural Commission meeting. 219

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