Iran's oil Min:

Tehran – Iran's Petroleum minister said that refueling is up and running in 3,000 gas stations throughout the country.

Iran PressIran News: Javad Owji in an interview on the status of fuel supply stations across the country due to the disruption in the smart fuel system, said: "Unfortunately, before noon today (Tuesday, October 26, 2021), most stations in the fuel smart system were disrupted and attacked."

Following a technical problem and shutting down a government system managing fuel subsidies in Iran, at 11:00 AM local time on Tuesday, Nour News, a website close to the Supreme National Security Council, confirmed that a cyberattack had disrupted fuel distribution in Iran's petrol stations. 

The problem caused difficulties for gas station and diesel suppliers in Iran, including the city of Isfahan, their activities were temporarily suspended.

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Petroleum Minister added: "In the National Iranian oil products Distribution Company (NIOPDC), with the formation of the crisis headquarters, it was immediately ordered that the offline executive system and refueling be done manually in all stations."

The Minister of Petroleum emphasized: "The final decision was made to send our colleagues to all stations one by one and operate the stations manually so that people would not face the challenge of receiving fuel and use their gasoline quota, which is free until the activation of the fuel smart card system."

Owji stated that up to now, 3,000 stations across the country have been enabled offline, and refueling at these stations is active, adding: "In parallel, our colleagues have started activating the fuel smart card system, and in some of the stations the fuel smart card system has been activated so that dear compatriots can use it."

Reacting to the increase in gasoline prices following the incident, he said: "I seriously deny this, there is no discussion of increasing gasoline prices."

The Minister of Petroleum assessed the gasoline reserves as favorable and said that in the coming weeks, "we will see the export of gasoline," adding: "I promise the people that the fuel quota on their cards will be preserved and there will be no problems in this regard."


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