Tehran (IP) – Russia's foreign minister says a humanitarian aid ship from Russia will be dispatched to Afghanistan soon.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking via videoconferencing at the second meeting of foreign ministers of Afghanistan's neighboring countries, Sergey Lavrov stated that after two decades of trouble and humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan, this country must start to rebuild itself.

"It is clear that the situation in Afghanistan is not that much important for the United States and other countries," he noted.

"Afghanistan's governing body has taken power in Kabul, and this is an opportunity for Afghanistan to return to the international arena to record the country's political situation," he pointed.

"Holding general elections in Afghanistan is respectable and serves the interests of all groups," Lavrov added.

"The presence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan and smuggling in this country has strengthened and we must fight them," he underlined.

"We will not withhold our resources and assistance from Afghanistan; All countries must help Afghanistan to return to normal life," said the Russian official.

"Creating continuous practical training and national health system in Afghanistan requires a lot of financial resources, and those who created such a situation in Afghanistan must take responsibility, United Nations must also play its part," Lavrov concluded.

The second meeting of foreign ministers of Afghanistan's neighboring countries was held in Tehran.


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