Delhi (IP) - Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council said that the Americans have made miscalculations on Afghanistan, and they have disgraced themselves by fleeing from Afghanistan and causing trouble for the Afghan nation.

Iran PressAsia: Speaking at 3rd edition of Delhi Regional Security Dialogue on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 Iran's secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani referred to the meeting of Afghanistan's neighbors plus Russia held in Tehran earlier, saying that the Islamic Republic of Iran has discussed the different topics related to Afghanistan, including countering the threat of terrorism to help Afghanistan develop.

Iran's top security official went on to highlight: "We all agreed that peace, security and prosperity in this country are in the common interest of the countries of the region and those present at this meeting."

Shamkhani went on to say: "The holding of three meetings by the secretaries of the Security Council of Afghanistan's neighboring countries before the official acknowledgment of the US defeat and flight from Afghanistan showed our proper understanding about the issue.

Shmakhani stated: "However; the Americans, as always, made a miscalculation, and they have disgraced themselves by fleeing from Afghanistan and causing trouble for the Afghan nation."

American peace in Afghanistan; cover to get out of self-made quagmire

Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council called American attempts to create peace in Afghanistan as only a cover to get out of self-made quagmire.

"Twenty years ago, the United States occupied Afghanistan under the pretext of confronting the Taliban and al-Qaeda groups, claiming to be fighting terrorism, and saying that it wanted to make Afghanistan a model and inspiring country. But, instead of providing a successful and inspiring model, all the components in this crisis-stricken country became more negative than ever," added the secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council.

Iran's top security official continued: "Terrorism has increased, poverty and misery have increased, drug cultivation and drug-trafficking have increased, the migration of people has increased, a large number of innocent people in Afghanistan, for obscure reasons, and even at weddings and mourning ceremonies were massacred by American fighters, the state-building and nation-building claimed by the United States failed, and even the most basic American task of establishing an army and security system was more inefficient than other sectors, and the whole world saw how the military and security system relied on American education and equipment."

"The United States itself was inefficient and empty, and how the United States collapsed and ended up fleeing the country with a disgraceful defeat, causing great damage to the country, especially the massacre of thousands of Afghan women, men and children. Instead of relying on their own resources, they seek survival by resorting to empty powers such as the United States, and today Afghanistan is left with mountains of trouble that and crossing it to the shore is the duty of all of us," he emphasized.

Rear Admiral Shamkhani pointed out:  "We have always emphasized that peace is the common will of the people and tribes of Afghanistan. But the important thing that everyone should pay attention to is that the United States was deceitful even in the matter of peace in Afghanistan, and despite pretending to make peace in Afghanistan, it had no plan to do so, and its only goal was to get rid of the catastrophe it had created, and because of its  arrogant and self-righteous temperament, it caused trouble in Afghanistan, the region and the world.

"Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran did not participate in any process and format that the United States created in the name of peace and dialogue on Afghanistan. Because we knew that the ostentation and controversy of American peace was just a cover to get out of self-made quagmire," he highlighted

Stressing the fact that Iran has been always after lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan, Shamkhani said: "On the contrary, we have worked with actors inside and outside Afghanistan to move towards programs that truly benefit our oppressed brothers and sisters in Afghanistan and all neighboring countries and the region, and that is to build lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan. That serves the common good of us all. At present, our emphasis is on formats that can, in fact, benefit the people of Afghanistan, and therefore we emphasize that the United Nations should be the focus of consultation and assistance to the wounded Afghanistan.

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Wednesday: Meeting of Afghanistan's neighbors in Tehran

The Spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the second ministerial meeting of Afghanistan's neighbors was held in Tehran.

The meeting was inaugurated by a speech of Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi on Wednesday, October 26, 2021, in the presence of 6 neighboring countries plus Russia, According to Saeed Khatibzadeh. 

The foreign ministers of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Pakistan took part in person, and the foreign ministers of China and Russia were present online, with the ambassadors of the countries also attending the meeting.

To pay for human and financial damages; occupiers' minimum duty

Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council stressed that after two decades of occupation, to pay for human and financial damages is the minimum duty of occupiers.

Rear Admiral Ali shamkhani stressed: "But what needs to be highlighted now that the United States and its allies accept responsibility for the 20 years of occupation of Afghanistan; To pay for human and financial damages of the Afghan nation is the minimum duty of the occupiers."

"As we all know, many of these injuries are irreparable. Is it possible to compensate for the lost lives or the damage done to the human body and soul, or to restore the lost time to build a nation and a country? On the contrary, we see that the United States, in a militant and arrogant act, has also banned the Afghan people from gaining access to their small assets," he contiued.

"Today, on the one hand, we are facing a new reality in Afghanistan, and without this fact, we cannot hope that the country will get out of its major problems. On the other hand, we all know that Afghanistan is a country composed of different ethnicities and religions, and only in the light of the contribution of all ethnicities, religions, groups and political currents can we hope that this country will overcome the crisis and eliminate or ignore any of these," he added.

Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council highlighted: "Membership is seen as Afghanistan's re-entry into ambiguous and volatile conditions. Therefore, the Islamic Republic of Iran, in its compassionate and friendly advice to all parties in Afghanistan, has always mentioned such an important issue, and again in this important community, we emphasize that the only way to save Afghanistan is to form an inclusive national government with the contribution of all ethnic and religious groups, and this way we will spare no effort for the benefit of the government and people of Afghanistan."

"We now face a threat in Afghanistan that could be part of the occupiers' plan for the region and advance their goals. This threat stems from the presence, growth and development of ISIL and Takfiri terrorist outfits on the one hand, and the threat of sectarian war in Afghanistan on the other. This will cause problems for all of us, both neighbors and non-neighbors in the region," warned he.

Shamkhahi went on to elaborate more on 3 concerns of Iran, saying: "In this context, we have three important concerns that we need to work together to address. The first is the involvement of some countries in the transfer of terrorist takfiri elements into Afghanistan, for which there has been evidence in the past, and now the information of the intelligence services indicates its continuity and adds to the scope of concern."

Then he called the spread of poverty and the human crisis as the second concern of Iran saying that this is a very important and serious issue.

He added: "Planning to resolve this problem, on the one hand, is the human duty of all of us to heal the suffering of the people to some extent, and on the other hand, not paying attention to it provides a good ground for recruiting terrorist outfits. It will pave the way for many anti-security measures."

"Financing terrorists is tempting for people since they are deprived of basic necessities of life, and in this case, high costs will be imposed on the people of Afghanistan and all countries in the region, especially neighbors, and of course, financing terrorists is an important issue," he further explained

Shamkhani called  the migration crisis and the need for assistance with safe housing along with the well-being of people within their own country as Iran's third concern saying: "The Islamic Republic of Iran has hosted more than three million refugees from Afghanistan for many years, and this is such that 94% of them, like other Iranian citizens, live and work in all parts of Iran, and only 6% of them live in camps, and unfortunately, more than 96% of their expenses are provided from our country's resources and we have only about 4% of the help of the responsible international institutions."

Therefore, if, God forbid, we face a new wave of migration, against our will, we may not be able to accept a new wave due to the unjust sanctions imposed on our people. Therefore, if other countries and responsible international institutions do not help in this direction, we would not be able to afford it and all countries, especially the Western countries, will be affected by it.

Iran voices readiness to help resolving Afghan humanitarian crisis

The Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council said that Iran would be ready to help resolve the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

Finally, At the end of his speech, Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani mentioned some important tasks that should be thought of as solutions for Afghan nations' crisis which are as follows:

  • To make efforts so that the countries which are the causes of the current situation in Afghanistan take their responsibility about it
  • To create an inclusive, multi-ethnic government in Afghanistan through a concerted effort
  • To Help solve the problems of the Afghan nation and deal with the humanitarian crisis in this country.

Shamkhani stressed: "The Islamic Republic declares that it is ready to provide all its facilities, such as communication routes and port facilities, including Chabahar, to solve Afghanistan crisis."

He also urged putting the United States under pressure to release the financial resources of the oppressed people of Afghanistan so that they can use their resources and facilities."

Countering Takfiri terrorism and ISIL in Afghanistan and identifying ways to finance these terrorist groups and cut off such aid was also another solution suggested by Iran's Shamkhani.

He further called security crises and terrorism, and especially Takfiri terrorism, as the problems that are unlikely to be overcome by the countries of the region soon, and the only way to deal with it is through continuous cooperation between the countries of the region.

He suggested that the present mechanism should expand its topics of discussion so that it can both address more comprehensive issues and, with the consensus of the members, add other countries to the meeting, if necessary.

To establish permanent secretariats for this mechanism to follow up on the approvals of the meetings on an ongoing basis, was another thing suggested by Iran's top security official.

"The Islamic Republic declares its readiness to establish such a secretariat in Tehran with the cooperation of the other members," he pointed out.

"In this context, we consider it necessary to determine the next host of the meeting. But, if a country is not able to accept it at the moment, Iran will announce its readiness for the next meeting," Shamkhani concluded.

3rd edition of Delhi Regional Security Dialogue opened with the secretaries of Supreme National Security Council from Iran, Russia, India, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan and Turkmenistan in presence.


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