Middle East(IP): The secretary general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement emphasized that Iran has been a defender of the Palestinian cause and that Iran's position would never change.

Iran PressMiddle East: Ziad al-Nakhala, Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement (PIJ), told Al-Mayadin on Wednesday night that Iran's defending of the Palestinian cause and its enmity with the Zionist regime would never change, adding that the oppressed nation of Yemen also defends Palestine and the resistance.

Al-Nakhala stated that the resistance has revived its military power after the Operation Sword of al-Quds (12-day battle) and has strengthened its weapons arsenal by continuously and indigenously building weapons, and emphasizes that the resistance is producing drones inside the Gaza Strip.

Regarding the Zionist regime's fear of a new response to the Israeli aggression and breach of the treaty, the Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad t said: "Israel considers Gaza like a time bomb and therefore tries to neutralize this bomb by promising to facilitate the entry of goods into Gaza."

Al-Nakhala stressed that the resistance continues and is not linked to a specific time or to a place like Gaza, and that it has significantly strengthened its weapons power with the return of its military power after the Operation Sword of al-Quds. 

The Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ)called on the fighting forces in the Jenin camp and other areas of the West Bank to carry out their duties and continue the resistance, saying: "Israel wants the Palestinian people to surrender so that It could take control of Al-Quds and the West Bank."

The Israeli war against the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza (the Operation Sword of al-Quds) began on May 10 and ended on May 21 following a call for a ceasefire by the Israeli cabinet due to the inability of the Israeli army to confront the Palestinian resistance forces and the mediation of some foreign actors.


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