Tehran (IP) - The Education Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly expressed its positive opinion with a majority of votes towards the proposed Minister of Education, Yousef Nouri.

Iran PressIran News: In the open session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly on Sunday morning, the examination of the competence of the proposed Minister of Education began, and accordingly, the spokesman of the Education Commission of the Assembly read the report of this commission.

The spokesman of the Education Commission also referred to the document on the development of education: "The need of today's society is the implementation of this document of development."

Reza Hajipour added: "Based on the inquiries, Yousef Nouri's educational credentials have been approved."

He said that Yousef Nouri is from the teachers' community and has a history of teaching in public schools: "Given his good knowledge of the problems, he also presented good ideas for change."

Regarding the compliance of his plans with the above-mentioned documents, he said: "The plan presented by Nouri is 66% consistent and 33% is in line with these provisions."

In the end, Hajipour said that considering the holding of several meetings and the review of Nouri's programs and views by the Education Commission, the Commission agreed with his tenure proposal by a majority of votes.


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