Tehran (IP) - Head of the Iranian Parliament's Economic Commission says the Parliament has put on the agenda plans that can alleviate part of Iran's economic atmosphere in the short term.

Iran PressIran news: In an interview with Iran Press on the occasion of National Parliament Day, Mohammad-Reza Pour-Ebrahimi stated that one of the plans of the administration was the plan for establishing justice, which was put on the agenda of the Economic Commission.

"In the field of macroeconomic issues, tax system reorganization and the bill on empty houses' tax was approved to reduce the rental price in the country," he noted.

"Completion of the VAT law was another measure that was finalized after four years and its implementation is on the agenda. Amendments to the anti-trafficking law are also in the final stages," he added.

"The stock market is a highly diverse market in which people participate with short-term and risk-taking investments and undergo these fluctuations; in Iran, due to the lack of proper infrastructure and accurate information, new events are taking place in the capital market, and people think that they will make huge profits in a very short period of time while this market is directly related to the general economic conditions," he said.

The anniversary of the martyrdom of Martyr Modarres is named national day of the parliament in Iran. Seyyed Hassan Modarres (c. 1870 - December 1, 1937), confronted conspiracies and plots which were being hatched by the colonial powers to gain dominance in the strategic important region. He also became staunch supporter of the constitutional movement which was being led by several prominent religious and intellectuals at the time.

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"One of the programs requested from the 13th administration is a revision in market monitoring, which is attended by about fifty million people, and the next issue is the administration's actions in the macroeconomic field, which affects the capital market directly and indirectly," the official pointed.

The MP noted that the lack of mandatory pricing is another issue that is being pursued in Parliament. The administration must reduce its presence in the economy so that the capital market can return to better conditions.

Referring to the budget bill that the administration will present to the Parliament in the near future, he said: "Its components will be reviewed after the presentation, but What is important for us is a change in the form and content of next year's budget, which will continue to double the economic problems of previous years."

"The news coming from the Program and Budget Organization indicates that the organization has made changes, and we hope to see a budget plan with a minimized balance deficit," Pour-Ebrahimi concluded.


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