Vienna(IP) - The Deputy Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced that a third draft had not been submitted yet in addition to the two drafts presented to the opposing parties in JCPOA on Wednesday night.

Iran PressEurope: "Ali Bagheri Kani" in an interview with Japan's "Kyodo" news agency on Thursday in response to the question that in the two drafts presented by Iran to the other parties, whether sanctions will be lifted step by step or they are going to be removed altogether, he clarified, the process is not a step by step one.

Bagheri also mentioned the duration of the verification of lifting the sanctions: "Iran has prepared three drafts; the third one has not been delivered to the other side yet."

According to Bagheri Kani, in the third draft that Iran will present to the other parties to The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, it will express its views and suggestions on the timing of the "lifting of sanctions" verification.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said about the feedback of the two drafts presented to the other side on Wednesday night: "The two sides are still negotiating."

The Iranian delegation in Vienna presented its proposed drafts to the other side on Wednesday night in the form of two topics: "lifting oppressive sanctions" and "nuclear issues."

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In an interview, Bagheri Kani called the presentation of these two drafts by Iran to the other side, including the lifting of sanctions and nuclear issues, as a sign of the seriousness of the Islamic Republic and said: "We are in Vienna to continue the talks."

A new round of talks between Iran and the P4 + 1 group has officially begun on Monday, withholding a Joint Commission of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in Vienna.


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